Sunday, April 5, 2009

fresh colors on city canvas

city beautiful, as they proudly call the city of chandigarh, has fresh coats of colors these days. red, yellow, violet, magenta, green-you name a color & it is in the palette of nature for this city. all these are in contrast with yellow-brown leaves being blown away by winds but the wind blows flowers too. it carries a mild sweet fragrance of flowers-may be of mango, may be something else but it is too good to resist (even then one can't behave like young ladies in axe promos).
 it was the jan marg which first caught my senses for the first time in last march when i use to drive from ut guest house to my office in sector 25. what a contrast of colors- burning colors of bougenvillea on road dividers & trees with deep brown or pastel green leaves & blowing yellow or violet flowers. this was lasting impression and this is what i narrated to stephane when i asked him to visit chandigarh in last week of february. leisure valley is all same.

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