Friday, April 3, 2009

who is immortal

The top image is of a clown in Kiev, who is wearing a mask of former Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin, entertaining people on Independence Square on April Fools Day.  
In the night of 31st Mar, a blast hit the towering statue of Lenin in the square outside Finland Station in St. Petersburg. This bronze statue, portraying Lenin with his arm raised, commemorates a speech he gave outside the station when he returned to Russia from exile in April 1917, a few months before the Bolshevik Revolution. This is one of the last Soviet-era monuments in Russia's former imperial capital.
Looking at these AFP images, I recalled the image of Stalin's statue wearing red blindfold & sitting in a Moscow Park. The images of Saddam's toppling statue flashes & fades. 
These were the luminaries praised by their people but today people can't live even with their statues around.  If it is so then why our people desire for their statues, probably for immortality. But how lasting it is, in the form of a statue-it's yet to be decided.  

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